Simple, effective Networking group management

Business Networking Group Management System

Refur has been built to easily manage the day to day administration of business networking groups, and more!

networking group management

Refur is a Web based system that allows your group to send referals, plan meetings, record activity

Networking is a participation sport.
10 Years in development and pracitcal use

Created bybusiness networkers for business networkers

Since 2007 we have been working on ways of making it easier to manage the needs of business networking groups.  Actively used by networking groups all over the world we have continually developed the system to fine-tune the user experience. 

Designed to be quick and simple to install on your site and easy for your members to use, refur is the ideal solution to manage a business networking group. 

You can add refur to your site free of charge for a 60 day free trial, we know you will love how it works, but it gives you the chance to try it. 


helping your networking group grow and thrive
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Core features

Send Referrals

Members can Send referrals with their phone, pad or computer.

Member Management

Easy to use, Meeting Reports, Activity Reports, all kinds of KPIs

Recon Meeting Management

Members can track their recon meetings effectively with other members.

Self Editable by Members

Members can edit the entry on the your promotional site so they can keep it up to date.

Speakers Rota

Manage your Speaker rota easily online. Semiautomatic selection of speakers.​

Online Member Directory

List the group members online, with direct links to their own websites.